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Polish Days #3: Olympics

By A Lacquered Affair · August 8, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

| əˈlimpik |
"The Olympic Games is a major international event featuring summer and winter sports, in which thousands of athletes participate in a variety of competitions.The Olympic Games are considered to be the world's foremost sports competition and more than 200 nations participate. The Games are currently held biennially, with Summer and Winter games alternating, meaning they each occur every four years." - Wikipedia

Polish Days: Polish Olympics

We're in the midst of the London 2012 Olympics, lovelies! Are you avidly following the Games? This third installment of Polish Days falls in the middle of the Summer Olympics, perfect event for a themed manicure.

An overwhelming flow of ideas of Olympics-inspired images went through my mind for a couple of weeks. Not practical or achievable on my tiny canvases and limited skills. I narrowed down to the most promiment images of the Games (in my opinion) - the Olympic rings and medals.

I used multi-surface acrylic paints for the rings for a few reasons - I don't have certain colours in polish form, the viscosity and opacity of a set of paints is consistent, and the drying time is longer (ideal for a beginner like me).

I contemplated between a metallic finish or an ombré for the medals. Either was a no-go. So, when in doubt, go with glitter!
I used loose hex glitters in 3 shades, each representing the medals in gold, silver and bronze, in an exaggerated inverted French tip placement.

Also, as a noob, I figured I was bound to make several bad strokes and mistakes that require clean-ups, so I skipped using any base colour to avoid re-doing an entire nail.

Here's an indoor shot at night under fluorescent light:

Olympics-inspired Nail Art for Polish OlympicsOn the middle finger are bands of colours of the Olympic rings, topped with same-coloured loose hex glitter (except for yellow). The tip was finished with a glitter gradient in Estessimo TiNS The Spicy Pinwheel; a dense mix of tiny square and irregular-shaped champagne gold glitter in a clear base. Bubblies are essential for celebration!

The rings...they were applied using a tiny straw with its end dipped in acrylic paint. Familiar with Yakult straws, anyone?

They were finished with a layer of Cult Nails Wicked Fast top coat.

Here's another shot indoors the next morning:

Olympics-inspired Nail Art for Polish OlympicsA few glitter pieces had fallen off during sleep. And it had to be the gold. So much for representing the top winner. Lesson learnt: photograph nail art immediately and in one session.

Here's a parting shot in the sunlight:

Olympics-inspired Nail Art for Polish OlympicsSeeing them glisten in the sunlight makes my heart flutter and all the initial reservations and frustrations worthwhile.

Check out the other fabulous Polish Days members' pretty digits, donned in their Olympics-inspired best:

Have a great week!

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored/ endorsed by any of the above-mentioned companies. All opinions expressed are my own, and will always be. All products were purchased by me.

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When in doubt, wear glitter! ;) The yakult straw idea is INGENIOUS btw!!!


I love it and I love your rings! So perfectly round! I've tried some acrylics a couple of times but didn't got them working for me :D

posted by

Hehehe..thanks Melissa! I could never in a million years draw a proper circle, let alone on the nails. Had to 'cheat' ;)

My Nail Polish Online - I did the shortcut and used a straw ;) It's still smudgy, but beats drawing freehand. Acrylics or polish, my freehand still sucks, but they are more patient to work with than polish. Hope you can participate in the next Polish Days!

posted by

Wow well done. I love that you've left your base clear. Works really nicely with the glitter.


Love the design! Glitter always works and realy matches the theme :)

posted by

Hey Kate! Thank you so much! It was really out of inexperience with the straw and paints that I left the base clear. Okay, laziness too (of having to clean everything up and start over if I made mistakes)...hehehe!

Thank you, Sabine! It's a 'comfort zone' for me, not much thought.. Have to break out of it soon :) Yours turned out really great! Your complains are completely unfounded! LOL!

posted by Anonymous

This is totally awesome, love it!

posted by Anonymous

Luv the colors!

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