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piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013

By A Lacquered Affair · July 29, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Celebrating the Year of the Blogger!
"This year it's all about you and celebrating what you do!" - piCture pOlish

Greetings, lovelies!

I'm back and with a very exciting post.

Slightly over a month ago, I heeded piCture pOlish's call for bloggers to participate in this year's piCture pOlish Blog Fest. piCture pOlish is a Australian nail polish company founded and helmed by 2 Australian girls that produces fast forward colours and unique finishes. The challenge is to create our "most amazing nail art ever" and include a tutorial, using the 3 piCture pOlish shades we were provided. And here's what's at stake:

1) All nail art creations go into the running to be chosen to create a collaboration shade with piCture pOlish launching in 2014.
2) There are (only) 3 awards that will be voted and chosen as follows via piCture pOlish:
    ♥ 1 x award - as voted by PP friends and fans
    ♥ 1 x award - as voted by all participants of Blog Fest 2013
    ♥ 1 x award - as voted by Jules & Meg of piCture pOlish

So, please head on to the Pinterest link view all the creations and to VOTE after reading this (or any other participant's post). It'll mean a lot to us

The Shades
The  shades I received are:
♥ Atomic (a collaboration shade with blogger Sarah of Samarium's Swatches), "a silver/ white metallic holo (scattered) that has NO glitter. Atomic contains a holographic shimmer to create a magical shade, complex with a lot going on."
Watermelon, a bright juicy pink with subtle shimmer.
Tiffany, a blue mint creme.
piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 - The Shades

The Inspiration
When I looked at the shades, especially Watermelon and Tiffany, candy pops to mind! And I was taken back to the time I was WOWed by the décor by a candy retailer, Candylicious at Resort World Sentosa here in Singapore.
The cheerful candy shades bring instantly brings smiles.
The Inspiration: Candylicious

The Manicure
Here's what I came up with:
piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 - The ManicureWhile the dotted candies are a direct intepretation of Candylicious' décor, the tree and backdrop were more Asian-inspired, leaning towards a wintry Japanese Sakura (cherry blossom) tree. I was trying to achieve a fusion feel.

The Tools
In addition to the polishes provided, we were allowed to use certain tools to create our designs. *heaved sigh of relief*
My 'weapons' of choice:
piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 - The Tools
The dotting tools are essential for creating circles of various sizes to depict the candies. Overall, 4 sizes are needed for this design.
The orange woodstick (this one's a mini-sized) serves a few purposes - the angled tip for dab on the tree trunk, and the sharp end for very fine dotting and sugar-spinning. You could paint the trunk with a paint or nail art brush too. They're just not too friendly with (for) me yet.

The Tutorial
A step-by-step guide on how I created the look. It's my first time creating a tutorial, so please go easy. *wide grin* (Grab a beverage and snack, this could be a while):
piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 - The Tutorial_11) The Base
Prep the nails. Apply basecoat, then 2 coats of Atomic, and apply topcoat. We will not be finishing the completed manicure with topcoat to retain the textured 3D effect.
On my index finger, I use a black creme polish on 1/3 of the nail in a gradient effect, but stopped at that as I felt it was too dark.

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 - The Tutorial_22) The Trunk
Coat the flat angular side of the orange woodstick with Watermelon and dab gently from top to bottom in 2 - 3 motions. It doesn't have to be straight. Irregularity is more desirable to look like a tree trunk.
You could also use a paintbrush or nail art brush if it works better for you.

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 - The Tutorial_33) The Branches
Grab a non-porous surface material to act as a palette for the polishes (or an actual palette would be ideal). Here, I'm using an old ziplock plastic bag.
Drop a blob of the polish onto the surface and wait about 3 - 5 minutes, or until the polish is semi-dry.
Try to pick the polish up with the woodstick (or toothpick will work too). If it forms a stringy texture as shown above, you're ready for the next step.

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 - The Tutorial_44) Sugar-spinning the Branches
This WILL get messy, so shield the skin surrounding the nails with sticky tape or apply vaseline for easier clean-up afterwards.
Lift the tacky polish and drag it over the nail. I dragged it horizontally across, let it settle halfway across the nail, then continue in another direction in a shorter 'stroke'. Continue a with a few more 'branches' at random to get the effect of tree branches.

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013: The Tutorial_5
5) Dotting the Candies
Using the largest dotting tool, dot each colour at random placements. Smaller ones can be added for variety. Wait for them to at least be semi-dry before adding the next layer.

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 - The Tutorial_66) Dots - the 2nd Layer
Dot on the second layer in a slightly smaller size over the first, trying to set them as center as possible.
Set to dry then repeat until the last layer you can manage to dot is with using the sharp end of the woodstick.

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 - The Tutorial_77) Dots - the 3rd Layer
Repeat as in step 6.

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 - The Tutorial_88) Dots - the 4th Layer
Repeat as in step 6. This might be the last layer one can manage to include.

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 - The Tutorial_99) Topcoat Dotting
I dotted on a generous blob of topcoat over each candy circle. The topcoat should be set down for some time to reduce any bubbles that may have formed. Try not to use a fast drying topcoat, or the blog may warp during drying. This step may be skipped if you prefer a flatter look for the circles.

And we're done!

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 - The ManicureIt actually feels pretty good that I managed a nail art without glitter!

If you're interested in getting your hands on piCture pOlish, here are some useful information to note:

♥ Shipping - to view shipping costs, terms and conditions
♥ Network - to view a list of piCture pOlish resellers nearest to you
♥ Everyday Deals - check out some of their pretty cool ongoing deals

Also, you may stalk, I mean follow,  piCture pOlish on the following social media platforms:


Hope you've enjoyed this post, and remember to VOTE!

View the other participants' creations:

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[ document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src=http://www.inlinkz.com/cs.php?id=299872&' + new Date().getTime() + '"><\/script>'); // ]]></script>


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

To Leave a Comment
I've noted that OnSugar's Comment feature has caused a few readers frustration by not accepting their input. While OnSugar works on rectifying it, I did a trial and error and found that comments don't get red-taped if you enter your information in the "Name" field without any space, ie. "ALacqueredAffair" instead of "A Lacquered Affair". I hope this works. As much as I want to, OnSugar doesn't allow the disabling of Captcha.

Disclaimer: The above piCture pOlish products was sent for the purpose of the event. All other materials are my own. However, all opinions expressed are my own, and will always be.

Mani-Faces of ManGlaze Contest: Winner Announcement!

By A Lacquered Affair · July 15, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Mani-Faces of ManGlaze WInner Annoucement

But we before we get to that, lovelies, Shoppe EClecticCo and I would like to give a big Thank You to EVERYONE who coontributed and supported, in one way or another. From the participants who put in their time, effort and skill, to all the voters and supporters who put the word out about this contest.

And I think this is also a perfect time to update everyone that Shoppe EClecticCo will be back in business from tomorrow, Monday 16 July.


And now, drumroll, please....  It was a very close fight between the top two, and the winning entry is.....









Mani-Faces of ManGlaze Winner


A hearty congratulations to Angela (aka @madaboutnails)! Here's what she's won:

1) 1 ManGlaze polish or her choice
2) 1 ManGlaze Hot Mess Top Coat
3) 1 Konad Stamper and Scraper set
4) 1 Stamping Plate
5) 1 SGD10 store credit at Shoppe EClecticCo

And here's a little treat for you guys... Angela was deliberating one of 2 designs to submit for our contest. While she sent the above winning entry, she also did this modified version of the entry:

Angela's 2nd ManGlaze-inspired nail artWe love!!!!

We will be in touch with the winner very soon!

That's all for today, folks! Have a lovely weekend!

Pick A Winner: Mani-Faces of ManGlaze Nail Design Contest

By A Lacquered Affair · July 8, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Mani-Faces of ManGlaze Nail Design Contest Vote BannerImages belong to ManGlaze, except Puss in Boots. He's mine!


My, my! How time flies!

Two weeks ago, we (Shoppe EClecticCo and I) announced Mani-Faces of ManGlaze, a nail design contest for everyone in Singapore, Asia and Australia. Two weeks later, we're thrilled to unveil these freaking cool qualifying entries.

Unfortunately, there can only be ONE winner. And we're engaging YOU to help us decide the winner. You can vote for your favourite(s) via the following ways:

This BLOG: Scroll down, select your favourite and hit 'Vote'.

FACEBOOK: 'Like' your favourite(s') photo(s) via Shoppe EClecticCo's or A Lacquered Affair's 'Mani-Faces of ManGlaze Contest Entries' albums.

PINTEREST: 'Re-pin' your favourite(s) from A Lacquered Affair's board 'Mani-Faces of ManGlaze Contest Entries' (only re-pins from the original pins count).

INSTAGRAM: 'Like' your favourite(s) via official entry photos on A Lacquered Affair's profile.

TWITTER: Tweet "#ManGlazeContest by @AnnetteAEdwards & @LacqueredAffair - #___ is one Hot Mess! bit.ly/Ng5ct7". Spamming's a no-no, so please limit to ONE tweet a day.

Voting is open internationally and closes on Saturday, 14th July 2012 11:59pm SGT. Total votes from all the platforms will be totalled, and the winner announced on Sunday, 15th July 2012, 10:00pm SGT across all platforms.


Now that all the lengthy part's out of the way, without further ado, here are the qualifying entries:
(click the images for a closer view)

ManGlaze Contest Entry #1

ManGlaze Contest Entry #2

ManGlaze Contest Entry #3

ManGlaze Contest Entry #4

ManGlaze Contest Entry #5
Mad skills or what?!

Voting is now over. You can view the results here.

Have a lovely weekend, lovelies!

ManGlaze Matte Is Murder \ Fatty's Got More Blood + Nail Design Contest!

By A Lacquered Affair · June 24, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

"Since its 2007 debut in Japan, ManGlaze Matte Nail Polish has guys turning heads and nail fanatics abuzz with excitement. Finally, a nail polish designed with men in mind! This stuff is as tough as it looks. It covers easily (one or two coats) and dries super fast!" - ManGlaze

Images: Property of ManGlaze® 

Hi lovelies!

A show of hands (or clicks/comments) - have you tried matte nail polish? Well, this right here is the real deal; ManGlaze, the 'mack daddy' of matte polishes.

Brief Intro:
• ManGlaze hails from Chicago (USA).
• Dubbed the "Original Matte Nail Polish" or "The Manliest Nail Polish Known to Man", the concept was designed with men in mind, by men (but it's gotten women hooked too!).
• It oozes rocker attitude, with bottle labels designed by wickedly talented artists from around the world.
• No one simply buys ManGlaze off the shelves from mainstream stores. Your best bet is online.
• They are 3-free and cruelty-free!

Honestly, I wasn't particularly drawn to matte polishes. I've used matte top coats to achieve certain nail designs. That's it. I've seen "ManGlaze" being mentioned here and there, but seeing that they don't ship internationally, it didn't pique my interest.

Then came a surprise announcement by Annette that Shoppe EClecticCo is appointed the exclusive reseller of ManGlaze for Singapore, Asia and Australia. Shoppe EClecticCo has a knack for sourcing in-demand, quality products and making them accessible to us here in Singapore and the region.

So, my initial thought: "I could use a couple of them for nail art and stuff."

While seeing swatches online: "That's cool."

After trying them on: "These are brilliantly created!"

First Impressions
This was what I received with my order of three ManGlaze polishes from Shoppe EClecticCo:

ManGlaze packageClockwise from top left: Info card, Matte Is Murder, Fatty's Got More Blood, Cabron, guitar pick and sticker

Everything about it screams hardcore rock!

ManGlaze premiumsUpclose look at the premiums: Sticker, info card (back) and guitar pick

My favourite premium's the guitar pick. It's different for a nail polish freebie, but cleverly resonates the essence of the brand. Since I don't play the guitar, I'm going to try to hook it up to a necklace/ chain to show some ManGlaze pride.

ManGlaze boxManGlaze, all boxed up

A close-up shot of the boxes the polishes come in. Pretty sturdy and well-labelled.

ManGlaze un-boxingUn-boxing ManGlaze polishes

ManGlaze in the boxA peek inside the box

Two packing peanuts are packed on opposite sides of the bottle neck, and the bottle comes in a sealed plastic wrap. I truly appreciate the thought and effort put into the packaging to ensure breakages and spills are prevented/ minimised.

ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood, Matte Is Murder, Cabron

The Bottle
The form and size of a Manglaze bottle bears a strong resemblence to a-england's. The sticker label wraps all four sizes of the bottle so one cannot get a view of the polish through the glass, except from bottom and at the base of the neck. These are the ManGlazes involved in this post's mani:

ManGlaze Matte Is Murder          ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood
Click to see a different view of the bottles

ManGlaze Matte Is Murder in the bottleMatte Is Murder, through the bottle

There are fine shimmers trying to peek through the polish and bottle, in deep blue and the slightest hint of purple. Matte Is Murder is not your ordinary matte black polish.

On The Nails
How Matte Is Murder fairs on the the nails:

ManGlaze Matte Is Murder1 coat Nail Tek Foundation III ridge-filling base coat, 2 coats Matte Is Murder. Indoor, daylight

As a first-time matte polish user, the initial application was tricky. I didn't know what to expect. You better believe that the formula is fast-drying! It started to get a little vinyl-ish after applying on the second nail. I sealed the bottle and rolled (or shake, if you like) and it's ready to go on the next nail.

More shots:

ManGlaze Matte Is MurderIndoor, shaded, with daylight

ManGlaze Matte Is Murder close-upUpclose, indoor, daylight

The minute shimmers can only be captured upclose and in well-lit areas. Heck, this is suede! LOVE! (still a newbie with various polish finishes)

I applied a-england's The Shield top coat on alternate nails as part of the mani's look...

ManGlaze Matte Is Murder with top coatIndoor, daylight

...and MAGIC! Shimmers amplified! And one poor pinky nail nicked.

ManGlaze Matte Is Murder with topcoat close-upClose-up: Top coat bringing out the shimmer. Indoor, daylight

Stamping Experiment
I had planned to trying stamping with ManGlaze over the glossy finished nails and they worked pretty good on the first attempt. Again, hands needed to move fast. Subsequently, the stamping didn't work out on four of five nails (could you tell it's a feather motif on the pinky?). The middle and pinky fingernails were stamped using the one-coater Ulta3 Black Satin (compliments of the lovely Kate from LacquerCareFactor), a creme finish over Matte Is Murder without a top coat. It was not as glossy as anticipated, so the resulting finish was dull.

ManGlaze Nail ArtOutdoor, daylight

Inspired by the graphic on the label of Fatty's Got More Blood (and the HBO series True Blood), I used dried blood red of Fatty's Got More Blood and haphazardly dabbed it around the tips to conceal and distract from the irregularity of the stamping images. It's way too early for Halloween...

Fatty's Got More Blood has the same subtle shimmer (seems as though I'm name-dropping Susan, who also happens to be a stockist for ManGlaze) as Matte Is Murder, in the bottle and on the nail.

ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood in the bottle   ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood in the bottle
Fatty's Got More Blood, through the bottle

A layer of top coat (a-england The Shield) was partially applied over Fatty's Got More Blood as a contrast and to intensify the shimmers. Close-up shots of each nail:

ManGlaze Fatty's Blood over Matte Is MurderOn the thumb, Konad Image Plate m63. Outdoor, daylight

ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood over Matte Is MurderIndex finger, Konad Image Plate m57. Outdoor, daylight

ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood over Matte Is MurderMiddle finger, Konad Image Plate m71 (aka "toilet paper" print by Melissa). Outdoor, daylight

ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood over Matte Is MurderRing finger, Konad Image Plate m57. Outdoor, daylight

ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood over Matte Is MurderPinky, Stamping Plate OB40 from Shoppe EClecticCo. Outdoor, daylight

Altogether now:

ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood over Matte Is MurderOutdoor, daylight

The Brush
Time for that brush comparison:

OPI vs ManGlaze brushFrom left: OPI and ManGlaze brushes

Though not as wide as OPI's ManGlaze's fans out pretty well, so you get good coverage in 3 swipes (4 for the thumb).

A treat for readers of A Lacquered Affair (in Singapore, Asia and Australia):

A Lacquered Affair reader promoYou get SGD 1.00 off per bottle of ManGlaze from Shoppe EClecticCo from the the usual price of SGD 22.50 per bottle.
Purchase 3 or more bottles for SGD 21.50 each, and still get an additional SGD 1.00 off per bottle when you quote "MGLAUFL"!

OR, why not WIN a ManGlaze polish of your choice! Enter the Mani-Faces of ManGlaze Nail Design Contest, jointly held by Shoppe EClecticCo and A Lacquered Affair. Click on the poster below for details on how to enter, and the prizes:

Mani-Faces of ManGlaze Nail Design ContestPssst... the PLAYMOBIL royal naval soldier says "Hey, mate" to Kate's Lego Crook Man...

It's been another excessively long blog post. Hope y'all have a good Sunday, folks!

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored/ endorsed by any of the above-mentioned companies. All opinions expressed are my own, and will always be. All products were purchased by me.

Mani-Faces of ManGlaze Nail Design Contest

By A Lacquered Affair · June 24, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Images: Property of ManGlaze


So, you're keen to enter the nail design contest? Whether you were led here from my first blog post on ManGlaze, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, the same contest rules and regulations apply:

THEME: Mani-Faces of ManGlaze

WHAT: We want to see your best ManGlaze-inspired nails. Your design MUST include either one of the following:
                1) Using ManGlaze polish, OR
                2) Using matte effect for your design, OR
                3) Using any ManGlaze graphics or logos as a nail art inspiration
Note: You do not necessarily need to use ManGlaze polish if you do not have one.

♥ ♥ ♥

WHO: 1) Contest is only open to individuals above 18 years old, residing in Singapore, Asia and Australia/ Australasia, with a valid postal address.
            2) Subscribers of A Lacquered Affair blog, followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram will automically receive ONE vote point per platform when you submit your entry.
            3) Followers of Shoppe EClecticCo on Facebook or Twitter will automatically receive ONE vote point per platform as well.
Note: Remember to quote your usernames/ identities used in each platform in your entry submission for verification.

♥ ♥ ♥

WHEN: Entry submission closes on 6th July, 2012 at 11;59pm SGT (Singapore Time).
             Voting starts from 8th July, 6:00pm SGT, till 13th July, 11:59pm SGT.

♥ ♥ ♥

HOW: Email your entry in one JPEG format file, less than 3Mb, to ManGlaze.SG@gmail.com, with subject heading "Mani-Faces of ManGlaze Nail Design Contest". One entry per individual.
To ensure this is an original entry for this contest, please include a handwirtten note stating "Mani-Faces of ManGlaze" when you photograph your nails.

♥ ♥ ♥

WHERE: ONE winner will be decided by total number of votes collected from all platforms. We will announce the voting platforms and how your friends can vote on 8th July, prior to the start of the voting time. This blog, and Facebook will be 2 of them.
Note: Creating false/ temporary/ ghost accounts to vote will result in immediate disqualification. We will be watching!

♥ ♥ ♥

PRIZES: ONE winner will receive the following:
                    1) ONE ManGlaze polish of his/her choice (13 shades to choose from)
                    2) ONE ManGlaze Hot Mess Top Coat
                    3) ONE Konad Nail Stamper & Scraper set
                    4) ONE nail art stamping plate
                    5) ONE SGD10.00 store credit for a one-time use on Shoppe EClecticCo.
                    (Prizes co-sponsored by Shoppe EClecticCo and A Lacquered Affair)


We can't wait to see what you come up with. Good luck!

Shoppe EClecticCo & A Lacquered Affair

Easter Egg Hunt / Giveaway Winner Announcement!

By A Lacquered Affair · April 9, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

A big thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday's Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway. It's been really fun interacting with you guys and I can't wait to do another one :)

On to what everyone's been waiting for - the result. And the winner is...


♥ Jordanne Palmer ♥


I've sent out an email to claim the prize. If there is no reply within 24hrs, it goes to the next participant in line. ***Update: Prize has been claimed***

That's all folks! Enjoy the start of the week :)

NOTD: Happy Easter! (+Egg Hunt Giveaway)

By A Lacquered Affair · April 8, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

| ˈēstər |
The most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and held (in the Western Church) between March 21 and April 25, on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox. - Google Dictionary

Happy Easter lovelies!

I was really excited to do an Easter-inspired mani and it's a first for me (I didn't get into the nail polish obsession until mid 2011). I love pastels as much as darks (no neons, please). So I gathered the pastel polishes I think are apt for the Easter theme, and some tools, then went with the flow.

I ended up using these:

China Glaze Lemon Fizz, Kinetic Candy, Re-Fresh Mint, Revlon Gumdrop, Essie A Crewed Interest, Pretty & Polished JawbreakerClock from top right: Essie A Crewed Interest, Revlon Gumdrop, China Glaze Kinetic Candy, Re-Fresh Mint, Lemon Fizz, Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker

It's funny how the names of some of the polishes used refer to candies. It just ties in with the whole Easter theme :)

Here they are:

Easter-inspired maniUnder indoor light, at night.

Easter-inspired maniIndoors, natural lighting

Easter-inspired maniIndoor lighting, morning

Pretty & Polished JawbreakerPretty & Polished Jawbreaker on the thumb

Nothing too elaborate.
Thumb: Full polish of Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker
Index: China Glaze Lemon Fizz dotted over Re-fresh Mint
Middle: Ruffian manicure with Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker over Revlon Gumdrop
Ring: Striped French tip with China Glaze Kenetic Candy and Lemon Fizz, Essie A Crewed Interest for horizontal line, topped with a fimo slice
Pinky: Re-Fresh Mint dotted over A Crewed Interest

I had to slop on the top coat (Poshe) and couldn't clean up the cuticles properly as i had to rush out (at 12:20am) to the airport to receive a visiting relative. But on any other day, my application is still sloppy... haha!

It's the first time I've worn Jawbreaker from Pretty & Polished, an indie nail polish label handmade by Chelsea from USA, and I never expected the formula and application to be as good as it is! Opaque and smooth in 2 coats, despite being riddened with all types and sizes of glitter particles. And oh my, purple micro glitter, red, blue and yellow hex glitters, large blue hex glitter and green stringy (is that a correct term?) glitter, all afloat in the creamy white base.

Pretty & Polished JawbreakerPretty & Polished Jawbreaker, in the bottle

Polished & Pretty JawbreakerAnother close-up

The brush is not as wide as OPI's, but not as small as Essie's; very, very similar to China Glaze's, which is comfortable. A unique polish to welcome Spring (not that it really matters here in SIngapore). Pretty & Polished is available on Etsy, but it's only opened at scheduled timings, and has always sold out fast!



If you've skipped all the polish/ mani jibber-jabber to get to the giveaway, you're finally here. It's open internationally, so read on.

Easter GiveawayMavala Samoa, OPI Nail Envy (mini), Revlon Perplex & Daiso 8pc Set Nail Art Brush (new set)

Star Trinkets Nail Polish EarstudNail Polish earstud made from OZOTIC 509, from Star Trinkets, handmade by Susan of The Subtle Shimmer

They are all new, stuff I have in my wardrobe and left untouched (and will continue to remain so if I do not give them away), and the earstuds are really a nice addition to any nail polish addict's accessories collection. I already own one in a-england Ascalon! And Susan is very thoughtful in her creations, so I hope the winner will enjoy it and spread the word :)

PS: It doesn't work on iPhone/ iPad. Sorry, please switch to PC or an Android device.

Here's what you've got to do (in sequence):

1. Be a Subscriber of this blog AND Twitter follower or Facebook page fan

2. Be a fan of Star Trinkets on Facebook.

3. Spread the word via Twitter with a link to this post.

3. Be the first to locate the Easter egg hidden somewhere within this blog (it's really here, just browse around thoroughly) and email me the page link, as well as the following details:
- the email address you used to subscribe to my blog
- the Twitter handle or Facebook name you used to follow me AND Star Trinkets
- the twitter URL you used to spread the word about this giveaway (click here for details on how to locate your tweet's URL)

My email: alacqueredaffair@gmail.com

Terms & Conditions:
1. One valid email entry per person, so your first will be taken as your final.
2. You must have a valid postal address with no shipping restrictions. I will not be responsible for any undelivered, wrongly delivered, lost or damaged mail, but I will pack them carefully, with proof of shipping. Any custom tax will be borne by you, if any.
3. Winner will be announced on 9th April, 2012, around 23:00hrs Singapore time (GMT+8), and contacted via email. If there is no response within 24hrs, I will pick the second valid correct email entry.
4. Prizes are as it is, and cannot be exchanged.
5. Entry closes on 9th April, 2012, 6:00hrs, Singapore Time (GMT+8).

So, good luck everyone, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Disclaimer: I am not sponsored/ endorsed by any of the above-mentioned companies or individuals. All opinions expressed are my own, and will always be. All products and prizes were purchased by me.

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