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a secret obsession with nail polish, exposed!

Nail Mail: butter LONDON & Then Some

By A Lacquered Affair · March 23, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Hey lovelies!

I just really need to share this real quick (even though it's close to 3am and I have trouble waking up on time these days). Ok, well, I was also furiously attacking the F5 key while on Dollish Polish's Etsy store with Inky Polisholicious.

I was pleasantly surprised with an unexpected early nail mail from Bridget (from Polish, and Make-Up, and Cars, Oh My! ). I got to know her on Twitter and she was so kind to offer to help me ship over 2 limited edition butter LONDON polishes that I was lemming really badly; The Black Knight and Tart With A Heart. So when this came in in the late afternoon, my heart just skipped!

Nail MailThe packaging inside is pretty in pink that'll make any girly girl squeal with excitement! They were so carefully wrapped and more than adequately protected. And she included a lovely card with a sweet note, and elegant decals...awww.

This cartoon drawing on the card makes me think of a Leprechaun. Belated St. Paddy's, perhaps?

These 2 polishes were a surprise:
Pretty & Polished and Jessie's GirlMy first Pretty & Polished and Jessie's Girl! I've bought a couple of polishes from Pretty & Polished last week, and was informed they were shipped out yesterday, so I won't be expecting them probably until next month. I tried to score more polishes from Pretty & Polished this morning, but they were snapped up before I could checkout! So imagine my joy when I received this bottle of Elvis' Pink Cadillac from Bridget ^_^

Pretty & Polished Elvis' Pink CadillacThis is such a unique mix to me (I haven't got anything like this in my collection), sweet yet bold.


The Jessie's Girl polish is in Glee. It's a "High intensity" shimmery shade of teal marine blue with some gold reflects.

Jessie's Girl GleeKinda reminds me of deep ocean coral reef, and also OPI Catch Me In Your Net and Essence Choose Me. Since I only have Choose Me, here's a bottle comparison:Choose Me vs GleeChoose Me (left) has slightly more gold reflects to it. Oooh, I wanna swatch them both...


Here's butter LONDON The Black Knight:
butter LONDON The Dark KnightThe concoction of blue, fuschia and bits of red micro glitters seem to put me in a 70's retro disco mood. Seems to have a black base, but will have to swatch to determine its opacity.


Last, but not least, here's butter LONDON Tart With A Heart:
butter LONDON Tart With A HeartThis precious blend of holographic mid-sized hexagonal and micro glitter in a clear nude pink base appears to emit a delicate, ethereal glow. I was sceptical when I saw it in the photos, but I'm glad I got it.

A BIG thank you to Bridget for everything! I *heart* them all. Parting shot...

Till next time, stay lacquered!

Review + Mini Haul: Hong Kong Oct '11

By A Lacquered Affair · December 5, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Greetings lacquer lovers! I'm back and polished, and cannot wait to spew all the information and accumulations these past 2 months. Firstly, I'd like continue the teeny bits from Hong Kong. I was there a while ago to work, and only managed a mini haul due to time constraint (story of my life, I tell ya).

SaSa is practically on every major street in Hong Kong, making it the most accessible and convenient joint to do a quick haul. The outlet of choice was in Central, and in the middle of the store was a shallow acrylic bin filled with various (lower end) brands of polishes, and one of the sections was Revlon. It was going for HKD 25! That's like less than SGD 5 a pop! *joy*

Unfortunately, I only had 5 minutes in the store as I was in between appointment. I grabbed 2 colours I immediately identified as unavailable in Singapore (do correct me if I'm wrong):

Revlon Sparkling Sunshine & Blue LagoonFrom left to right: Revlon's Sparkling Sunshine and Blue Lagoon

These are 2 of the 3 colours from Revlon's 2011 Summer Romantics Limited Edition collection. I picked up a yellow since I have none in my collection. I'm extremely picky about the yellow I want to include in my collection. Yellow is not exactly a flattering polish shade for most skin tones (IMO). But Spakling Sunshine is it - pale, not 'in-your-face', and has pretty, noticeable silvery sparkles. Blue Lagoon also grabbed my attention because of its sky blue (ironic cos it referenced lagoon) shade and sparkles. I don't believe I have come across a polish as this yet. It has also been touted as a dupe for Chanel's Riva. Here are more upclose shots:

Revlon Sparkling SunshineRevlon's Sparkling Sunshine

Revlon Blue LagoonRevlon's Blue Lagoon

I'm suddenly reminded of Revlon's latest Fall/ Winter polish collection - Expressionists! I'm dying to get hold of 3 out of 4 of them:
1) Facets of Fushcia
2) Blue Mosaic
3) Starry Pink

I'm pretty bummed that new Revlon collections are not immediately (or maybe not even) available in Singapore. It's the same shades at all drugstores, with only an additional range at department stores (Scented, but seriously, how long ago was that collection?) And at regular price, I'm paying more for them than an OPI! But I do love their formula and some shades, which are seriously close dupes to some luxury brands' polishes. Am I the only one bummed about the selection of Revlon polished in Singapore? If anyone knows where I can get those three polishes, please share *begs*!


The next product was bought on a desperately-need-to-use basis. Here's the short background behind it:

1) Attempted a dark plum to light pink gradient nail art the night before travel. FAILED. Ended up looking like an amatuer-ish (no offence to anyone) Halloween nail art.
2) It was 3am by then. Took everything off, hurriedly polished on OPI's Tease-y Does It, topped with Seche Vite, showered, change and scurried out of the house.
3) Polish ruined by the time I was on the plane. The sight of my nails was cringe-worthy.

Before the day ended, I absolutely had to remove the polish and re-polish. I wanted to make a good (nail) impression the next day. I had also packed with me OPI's Teenage Dream, Poshe Base and Top Coats. The only missing item was a nail polish remover. One of my intentions of going to SaSa was to grab a nail polish remover. But I did NOT want to get a bottled remover solution, as I would have to lug it back to Singapore, and join 3 other bottles. Just not practical. I remembered seeing a polish remover pad in SaSa Singapore, so this was what I picked up to rescue my bad nail day:

Mavala Nail Polish Remover PadsMavala Nail Polish Remover Pads

I've heard some good stuff about this brand, so even though it was HKD 36, I felt this was the most convenient and practical overall. Here's more info:

And this is what the pads look like inside:

The pads are quite thin. And what I liked about these remover pads (aside from being compact, lightweight and handbag-friendly) was that there was hardly any acrid polish remover solution smell (though I suspect this would not be the case if one were to sniff the product at close range - DO NOT TRY THIS!) you normally get from conventionally nail polish removers.

It took 3 pads to completely remove the polish from all ten nails! To me, that's pretty darn good! But it could also be the fact that Tease-y Does It was still 'fresh' - on for less than 24hours.

I did have to apply much pressure on the nail bed to remove the polish, and in doing so, the pads left some scratches on my nails. If you look at the pads in the photo below, it is very textured. It has a criss-cross texture, and this may have caused the scratches, which I'm pretty annoyed about. But since I was going to polish my nails immediately, I did not fret so much.

Now that this mini review and haul is out of the way, I just have a couple more backdated posts before we move ahead to the best time of the year; CHRISTMAS!

I haven't had any feedbacks on the giveaway plan, so I think I may put that on hold for now. Just keep reading!

Goodnight LLs, and here's hoping you have a good start to the week!

MEGA Haul! September '11

By A Lacquered Affair · November 5, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

WARNING! Extremely lengthy post!

This post is wayyy overdued, but it's too important (to me) to leave out.

September blew my wallet; one haul after another, 90% nail-related. While gathering the hauls for a 'group shot', it dawned on me that it's getting out of control, and October and November shall be limited to maybe 5 - 6 polishes/ nail care/ nail art items *fingers tightly crossed*.

Here's the 'group shot':

Mega Haul - Sept '11


These were purchased through the following channels:

1) Smoochiezz Showroom
2) Esprit1978 Spree
3) Gmarket
4) Daiso
5) D.Y.O.N International Flea @ *SCAPE
6) Personal Care Stores (Watsons & Guardian)
7) Singsale.com
8) Korean Beauty Stores

For nail polishes, Smoochiezz is still my go-to joint/ flea. Their prices are one of the lowest, the selection is enormous, and updates are regular. Newer collections don't get in as fast though, but I'm not complaining. Here's the haul from Smoochiezz:

Platinum Silver, Mink Muffs, Power ClutchFom left to right: China Glaze's Platinum Silver, Essie's Mink Muffs and Power Clutch

It was a quick-stop purchase. Grabbed the 3 I had in mind and scooted out of the showroom in less than 7 minutes. I wanted a silver and Essie's Matte About You to eventually do a Ruffian Manicure. But Matte About You was out of stock (within a week!). Mink Muffs was on my lemmings list; lovely taupe-y colour, that still could not match up to Chanel's Particuliere. Power Clutch was one of the new releases for Essie's Fall 2011 collection; Brand New Bag. And since I did not have a grey in my collection, might as well add one. Essies were SGD 9.00 each while China Glaze was SGD 7.00.

Essie's Mink MuffsChina laze's Platinum Silver
Essie's Mink Muffs, Power Clutch and China Glaze's Platinum Silver


Next up was my spree with Esprit1978. I've been spree-ing with her (Aileen) for a few months now and she's really friendly and helpful. She's even gone out of her usual collection methods to meet up to my convenience. Prices are reasonable, sprees are regular, and she even has in-stocks so you don't have to wait too long for certain in-demand colours.

OPI Tickle My France-y, Poshe Top CoatOPI's Tickle My France-y and Poshé top coat

It doesn't look like a spree, but I had 3 more Orlys on the way. These (above) were immediately in-stock, so I collected them first. OPI is SGD 10.00, and the Poshé was on promotion for SGD 10.00. She had been raving so much about how Poshé top coat dries in an instant, shines and lasts like gel (okay, not that long) so I decided to give Seche Vite some competition. So far, I love that the brush reaches all the way to the base of the bottle. The shine does not last as long as Seche Vite though. Shall do a full review/ comparison in another post.

OPI's Tickle My France-yPoshe Top CoatPoshe Top Coat


I really wanted to jazz up my nails once in a while, and thought of trying rhinestones. I don't really favour the idea of sticking bumpy stuff on my nails due to the nature of my job, and the fact that I do chores. It would be a waste of time and effort if the onject were to get knocked off the next day. So I searched around Gmarket for some good deals on rhinestones, and bought 2 sets from separate sellers.

Both sets are small sized rhinestones, around 3mm. Perfect. 12 colours per set, total of 1800pcs each (so the sellers say). Excited to try them out!


I scoured a few Daiso stores for nail polish storage solutions (won't bother anymore. Won't find any if you have more than 20 bottles). Instead, I stumbled upon a few nail art supplies/ tools at the Nails area of Daison IMM:

Picked up a set of wood sticks, 2 sets of super thin nail art brushes (a spare set, just in case Daiso runs out) and 4 tubes of 3D Nail Art. All for a total of SGD 16.00. I've tried the gold 3D Nail Art for an Oktoberfest nail art. The formula seems a tad bit runny to create a 3D effect, but I haven't tried creating anything 3D. I just used it for its gold colour cos I did not have any gold polishes. Each tube comes with a mini wood stick. Here are more detailed shots of the 3D Nail Art tubes:

Daiso's 3D Nail ArtDaiso's 3D Nail Art TubesUpclose
Click each photo for closer view.

As you can see from the last photo, I wouldn't call it Nail Art Pens (as printed on the packaging) because there's no pen tip. The only colours left on the shelf (then) were nude, pink, mint green and gold. If you know of other colours available, drop me a message! madlynny requested a review of this product, which I really want to do. Time is just not permitting :(


On one of the Sundays in September, I was in the Orchard vicinity and decided to pop by the flea at *SCAPE to see what's available from D.Y.O.N International's booth. And here are some of the stuff I got:

Ok, so the nail art wheels were exactly from D.Y.O.N International, but from a nearby Beadstreet booth outside Cineleisure at 2 for SGD 4.00. The OPI Thinner was SGD 10.00, the inm Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat in Gold was SGD 10.00, while the stylish nail art brush was SGD 2.00.

Northern Lights Hologram Top CoatNorthern Lights Hologram Top CoatNail Art brush
Without shaking, shaken, and nail art brush. Click photos to view upclose.

The nail art wheels were so attractively priced, I could not resist. I got the fimo slices to try. Haven't got around to it yet. The rhinestones are probably around 5-6mm in size. A tad bit large IMO. Probably around 120pcs. But at SGD 4.00 for both wheels, it was a steal!


The next batch of hauls were from personal care stores - Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy:

Revlon from WatsonsL.A. Girl Glitter in Uninhibited

Left to right: Revlon Raisin Rage, Gray Suede, L.A. Girl Glitter Addict in Uninhibited

Revlon was having an island-wide one-for-one promotion and I had been lemming Gray Suede since I first saw it, and this was a great opportunity to get it. Problem is, which other colour did I want? Almost none... so I reluctant grabbed Raisin Rage, which I've never seen in many places, love the name, might probably wear the colour (I don't wear reds, with the exception of China Glaze Ruby Pumps).Revlon Gray Suede vs OPI Tickle My France-yRevlon's Gray Suede vs OPI's Tickle My France-y - Not that close after all...

I've been wanting pure black glitter to try out some nail colour treatment, and realised most brands don't do pure black glitter polishes (correct me please). But I saw that L.A Girl has a line of glitter polishes in an assortment of colours, and I had to have a black glitter in my collection. Black glitter nail art - item no. 199 on my 'To-do' list.


Next up is my splurge from Singsale.com. Singsale is one of those online time-limited, heavily discounted bargain/ deal sites with its main office in Australia. While browsing through, I saw butter LONDON as one of its deals, and there was only a day left. On an impulse, I purchase these:

Left to right: butter LONDON Dahling, No More Waity, Katie & Branwen's Feather

After shipping, it costs around SGD 19+ per bottle. Tad ridiculous, I know, but it's butter LONDON! I love their motto/ concept/ style AND Nonie Creme! No More Waity, Katie is a backup bottle to the one I already have. Dahling's really sweet in an vintage way, and Branwen's Feather is a deep purple/ midnight blue duo-chrome colour with slight specks of silver. Described by butter LONDON as "Like a silky raven’s feather at midnight by the Tower." I love that there's an inspiration/ story behind every colour.


Last but certainly not least is a mini haul from Korean cosmetic stores; Etude House and The Face Shop:

On the left is a Nail Dot (Art) Pen in Black from The Face Shop, with fine metal tip to draw fine details. I have the silver, which I didn't have use for (bought on impulse). Thought the black would be more useful for nail art designs. Quality is pretty good, but the cap is terribly difficult to open when snapped fully closed.

Their nail art pens are quite good, but I think their regular nail polish formula is pretty crappy. I have 3 barely used pastel colours cos they are so streaky, clumpy and uneven. Not worth buying, you guys!

The mini nail polish from Etude House is in BR03 for SGD 2.50. I find the nail polishes from Etude House and Skin Food to be of decent quality for the price you pay. I'm so hooked on the greige/ nude/ brown-grey/ taupe-y hues these days, I must have collected over 10 this year. I was hoping this would be close to Chanel's Particuliere, but nope, not at all.

Could possibly be a dupe for Essie's Mink Muffs?

I'm so overwhelmed by this post, I'm gonna grab a huge bite now. Till next time...

No Polish, No Haul, But New Discovery

By A Lacquered Affair · September 4, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Saturday, 3rd September 2011 was marked in my calendar for a number of reasons:

1) H&M's first store opening in Singapore at Orchard Building
2) Smoochiezz's flea event at Cineleisure Orchard
3) A friend's birthday

I psyched myself to wake up very early that morning to join the ridiculous queue that spawns before H&M's store events, as seen in other worldwide stores. But it was not meant to be; I am not an early riser (or an early bird for that matter). I made my way down to Orchard anyway. As I exited 313 Somerset's entrance, I saw the start of the queue to H&M. That's awfully CRA-ZY!! There was no way I was going to spend half of my precious Saturday standing in line. 
Oddly, I wanted to visit H&M to check if they carry cosmetics and polishes, like they do in Hong Kong, USA, etc.
So I made my way to Smoochiezz's flea at Cineleisure instead.

On my way, I read a tweet from them that they had removed nail polishes from the flea due to the mall's tenants complaints about their low prices, and the mall's managements' order to remove them. WHAT THE HELL!! I intended to get an OPI set as a birthday gift that day. Double whammy!

I checked out the flea anyway, then walked around Cineleisure to find the stores that retailed OPI or China Glaze cos I desperately needed to get a gift. None of the stores sold any, except for one of those 'rent-a-cubicle' concept stores where there were 2-3 cubicles of OPIs. But those were going for SGD 15.00 or SGD 16.00 each; way to pricey, in my opinion. But the worse part: they were still closed (at 12:30pm on a Saturday - how unproductive)! Frustrated and disappointed, I made my way to the exit.

Right by the exit, there was a booth selling Michelle nail polishes (by beadstreet, Singapore). I think they are pretty new. The array of colours was wide, packaged in a MAC-looking bottle, with silver cap. But there was no ingredient or manufacturing label, so I would not consider getting them. They are very affordable though, at SGD 2.50 each or 2 for SGD 4.00. They also had some fimo and nail art deco stuff that were very inexpensive, but nah... my enthusiasm for nail stuff had waned by the setbacks.

To the left of Cineleisure is *SCAPE, and I spotted a flea going on. The first table I approached had a very, very small collection of OPI, but not the colours I wanted. But I managed to get Victoria's Secret Love Spell, yum.

Further down was bigger vendor carrying OPI, along with China Glaze Crackle and other nail stuff. They were from D.Y.O.N International. The range was not wide, but all the OPIs were going for SGD 10.00 each, including Shatters and Designer Series!! Great deal! 
They also had nail treatments from Seche, OPI Nail Envy, Art Club nail art striper polishes at SGD 6.00 each and nail supplies.

Upon further research, I found that they are a regular at that flea location: Fridays to Sundays, 1 to 9pm.

East-residing shoppers can also haul at their office in Ubi. Details on their Facebook page.

I bought OPI's Burlesque mini set for the gift, and OPI Lacquer Thinner for myself at SGD 10.00 (the cheapest I've found so far). So my day had a happy ending after all.

Photo from bellahart.com.au

It looks very incompetent of Cineleisure's management to order the removal of nail polishes from Smoochiezz's flea. They lose sales, the mall loses crowd, and above all, there are still flea vendors selling branded nail polishes right outside Cineleisure, lower-priced than its tenants.

I realise there are an increasing number of retailers and vendors stocking high quality nail polishes and supplies in Singapore, and online is no longer the only avenue to grab them at afforadable prices. Why get an OPI at SGD 23.55 at department stores when they are available for as low as SGD 9.00 (authentic ones)?

There are also one-store beauty retailers stocking OPIs at suburban malls, though higher than SGD 9.00. Just need to research before purchasing and shop smart. AND follow this blog/ my tweets! If you spot any retailers with low-priced quality/ salon nail polishes, do feel free to share.

Will share more finds along the way. Till then, toodles!

Mini Haul & CG In The City Swatch

By A Lacquered Affair · August 28, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

YAY-ness!! I got my camera back from the service centre, and it's all systems go! The photos in the previous few posts were taken with my iPhone 3GS, and were lacklustre because that phone tends to produce grainy quality, especially where in poor lighting.

Back to business.

I headed to Smoochiezz's showroom in Toh Guan Road last Saturday, 20th August, to research what was available, the prices and what I will need to order online through sprees. I also wanted to check out the newest collections from OPI and China Glaze, which was announced to be in; Touring America and Metro Collection. It was a hassle to get there, considering that I live on the other side of Singapore. All in the name of nail polishes. It is located in an industrial building, within an industrial estate, where only 1 bus plies. Girls, please go with company.

The showroom is pretty small, considering the number of brands and variety they stock. But lo and behold...

This is just half of China Glaze's racks.

There are 2 more of such racks housing more OPIs. As you can see, many are out of stock. Essies are to the right, on 3 or 4 stands.

Polish Galore!!! Racks and racks of nail polishes to the floor, and rows of China Glaze. They have an amazing range of Essie too (376 in all, according to their website), but I didn't manage to photograph. (small disclaimer: if photography is not allowed within the premise, I sincerely apologise. But I could not resist, it's a girl's dream boudoir) WHERE DO I BEGIN!!

The China Glaze section was clear at the time, so that was my first stop. My game plan was to only look for the colours in my wish list, but that only worked for so long. I was so spoilt for choice! So many colours I've never heard of before (on YouTube). The bonus - the latest Metro Collection Fall 2011 is in stock! My lemming, CG In The City, was available for SGD 7.00! The swatch is coming right up on this post down below.

I also picked up Nova and Stellar from China Glaze's Glitter collection in 2009. I've read that this glitter collection was made up of 50 glittery shades & textures and I was lemming for a few. Nova was one of them, along with Meteor Shower, Cosmic, Preppy Pink and Bad Kitty. I found Nova, but Preppy Pink and Bad Kitty looked pre-adolescent and kinda bleh to me. Now Stellar caught my eye. It's a nude-y beige colour with fine silver and pale gold glitter. Perfect for when you're in the mood for a neutral colour, with hints of opulence. And it was the last bottle left on the shelf! SCORE!

I could NOT find Meteor Shower or Cosmic :( I may have to join a spree, but I'm still determining if it's worth the price and wait.

The next stop was OPI, and I immediately scoured the racks for Parlez-vous OPI and Tickle My France-y. I found that Smoochiezz arranges OPI polishes in alphabetical order, which is a great help. But somewhere along the way (or due to some inconsiderate customers), the order got jumbled up. In any case, they did not have them. *sigh* So I went through the OPI racks again to determine which colours I'd fancy. I kept seeing Teenage Dream all over the racks, and I was initially not inclined towards it, although it's been raved by many. But after a few more glances, and upon closer scrutiny, I decided it would look gorgeous over other polishes. And it is quite pretty. So that went into the basket.

4 glitter polishes so far, and no, it did not bother that it's 4 glitters too many. I also realised Teenage Dream and China Glaze Carnival Lights are SO similar. I snapped a quick shot of both in the showroom and actually contemplated which to get; OPI at SGD 10.00 or China Glaze at SGD 8.00? I preferred Teenage Dream in the end as it was a lighter shade of pink, and I already have China Glaze Pom Pom, a chunkier version of Carnival Lights.

OPI 's Teenage Dream & China Glaze's Carnival Lights - so similar in tone and glitter texture, though one a shade darker.

Continuing on, I saw many shades of nudes and pinks and Pinking Of You came to mind as I've heard a couple of YouTubers talking about them in their collection video; how it goes on opaque compared to most Soft Shades. Since it was in stock, I decided to give that a try. It's lighter than Shorts Story, but brighter than China Glaze Something Sweet, so I'm good with that.

The Essie racks were just beside OPI, and the selection was astonishing! I have never seen so many Essie colours all at once in a single display. They are all so pretty (probably cos of the bottle too), but I knew I wanted Borrowed & Blue, which I found for SGD 9.00. I was also attracted to Merino Cool, but I found it to be an exact shade as China Glaze's Below Deck, so I gave it a miss. "Only 1 Essie?" you may ask. Well, I have not gotten around to trying the Essies I already own, so I'm unsure of it's formula and durability (though I have heard many good reviews). I might build an Essie collection once I feel it's worth it.

During this haul, I realised so many colours are alike or even identical, between brands and *gasp* within the same brand. I'm thinking of building a comparison list of same/ similar polish colours, so I don't buy colours simply because I fancy them, only to come home and regret my purchase. And I might share the list here. Maybe... will see.

Smoochiezz also stocks nail treatments, top coats, base coats, removers, lotions, the works. Maybe for next the haul. While I was there, I also picked up an ELF Studio Blush Brush, since I didn't any make-up brushes (shocking?). Here's the overview of the mini nail polish haul:

Left to right: Teenage Dream, Pinking Of You, Borrowed & Blue, CG In The City, Nova, Stellar

I couldn't wait to swatch CG In The City the very next day and here it is (on left index finger nail):

It's a dusty greyish purple, kinda deep mauve glitter polish with silvery-goldish specks and a clear base. On it's own, it took 4 coats to get an almost opaque finish, and I don't recommend it. When applied as a top finish to solid colours, it overpowered them, but you could still see hints of the base polish. It worked best when layered over butter LONDON Marrow and OPI Black Onyx as you could see a dual effect. Over China Glaze Below Deck, it looked like a monotone opaque shade with glitter.

In any way, I love it and can't wait to wear it. The monsoon season is here, what with the cloudy and wet weather. It feels kinda like the equatorial version of fall. So that would be perfect to start bringing out the fall colours. Gonna dig them out right now.


Disclaimer: I am not sponsored/ endorsed by any of the above-mentioned companies. All opinions expressed are my own, and will always be. All products were purchased with my own finances.

Week-long Hauls

By A Lacquered Affair · August 3, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

This is a wayyyy overdued maiden post but I'm so stoked it's finally up.

It has been an unbelievable week. Many late presidents left my possession this week. Too many new polishes and accessories have taken up residency in my collection.

Konad Nail Art Store, Singapore

It all started on Monday, when I headed to Far East Plaza to check out the Konad store at #03-109B. Konad stands for Korean Nail Art, and has been around for some time. But I only got interested in it after watching some tutorials on YouTube. I already had the intention to get a starter set which includes a double-sided stamper, scraper, 1 image plate (your choice, I chose M41) and 2 5ml Special Nail Polish (again, your choice, I chose Pastel Pink and Pastel Purple). The toughest part was choosing an image plate. There are tons, like over 60, and most of them had pretty images. The store assistant was very helpful and informative. She even gave a live tutorial on how to use the kit. So that trip set me back SGD 25.90. It is worth purchasing at the store rather than the official online store, because of the shipping fee.

The very next day, I received a Gmarket daily mailer in my inbox. Lo and behold... there was a Konad image plate sale by a Konad seller! At SGD 3.90 per plate, I could NOT resist! The regular retail price of an image plate in the local stores is SGD 7.90. I got carried away and ended up ordering 16 image plates (plus SGD 7.50 for shipping). And these are shipped direct from Korea. Will do an update once they arrive.

All week, I was looking forward to visiting Smoochiezz at their showroom/warehouse at ADL all the way in the west (41 Toh Guan Road East, ADL Building) on Saturday. That's the only day of the week I'm free. While searching for the cheapest local nail polish online stores & spree organisers in Singapore, I came across Smoochiezz. A few bloggers and vloggers have reviewed Smoochiezz and hauls from their flea events. I thought they seemed really worth checking out. So on that morning, I checked their site for the address, and a latest blog update mentioned they were closed as they had an ongoing flea event at The Cathay. That's a much more convenient location! AWESOME!

Smoochiezz Name Card


I headed down, not knowing what to expect. When I got the the flea area of the mall, there was a tightcrowd gathered within Smoochiezz's area, which took up around 35% of the area. Bet all the other flea vendors were pretty bored and envious. Anyway, I narrowed in on the nail polish section and the first lot I found was China Glaze. With over 200 bottles on a wagon, it was like a treasure hunt! And it was SGD 7.00 per bottle for the regular ones (the cheapest I found online was SGD 8.50). Skipped the crackles, not my cup of tea. They had tons of cosmetics & tools too from ELF, MAC, NYX, Coastal Scents etc. which didn't really appeal to me.

On another 2 wagons were OPI. There was a bigger crowd hovering these wagons. OPIs were SGD 9.00, as well as Essie. There were also a few nail treatments, topcoats and basecoats from OPI, China Glaze, Seche and Poshé. So many good stuff, so little budget! In the end, I settled for 4 CGs, 2 Essies (my first 2 Essies EVER!), a Seche Restore (SGD 10.00), Poshé Treatment Basecoat and 3 OPIs. Just 3 OPIs cos I overheard a shopper claiming the OPIs were counterfeits (but I checked my bottles for all the signs, they look legit). Here's the haul:

Smoochiezz Flea #13 Haul

Essie haul setOPI Haul set

Poshe Treatment Basecoat

I was a little disappointed with Seche Restore, not because I don't think it does its job well, but look at what it contains:

Seche Restore™Seche Restore™














I'm pro 3-free lacquers (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP), so I don't know why I didn't check the label before I bought it. I would still consider using a non 3-free product (but not with all 3 in it!) IF it is the best at what it does, and none other comes close. Oh well.


OMG, I should not have hauled so much that day. I was expecting a large online haul of butter LONDONs that same weekend.

You see, over last weekend (23/24th July), I was researching ways and means to get butter LONDON's No More Waity, Katie online. This cult brand is not available in Singapore, and no spree organisers I've been in touch with are bringing it in. There's also a problem with shipping nail polishes into Singapore. Apparently, it is a restricted item unless you have an import license. So after much searching, the Google led me to an Australian online store called HoneyHoney. The price was so far the lowest I could find from a store that ships internationally (as compared to the cost including shipping from USA), AUD 19.80, after sale. There was No More Waity, Katie and a whole bunch of other butter LONDON colours! SCORE!! It was a huge bonus that the customer service was excellent, and handled a shipping boo-boo well beyond my wildest expectation!

Local shipping is free above AUD 50. While they do ship internationally, it was a pricey AUD 55.00. So I thought, "Hey, I have some relatives Down Under who could mail them out, or bring them over on their next trip to Singapore". They did the latter, and here they are, all 8 of them...

butter LONDON Haul from HoneyHoney

Might consider doing a review some time soon.






















Love the way HoneyHoney packaged the goods. Love the simple but stark packagings. LOVE my very first haul of butter LONDON! They look so sleek yet so edgy, as personified by their motto; "We Believe in Rock and Roll. Great Britain. And Fashion. Long Live Nails!" LOVE their witty (and sometimes cheeky) lacquer descriptions. So this kinda culminates my long and busy week. It also perked up the start of the new week and month ahead.

Psst...butter LONDON also has a new Autumn/Winter 2011 collection out. 5 colours, although No More Waity, Katie is not really new.

Whoa, this has been a long post. Stay updated with my tweets and have a fab August!

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored/ endorsed by any of the above-mentioned companies. All opinions expressed are my own, and will always be. All products were purchased with my own finances.

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